Soft Foods For Braces: Rice and Seafood Casserole Recipe

Having a hard time with finding the right foods to eat with your braces? Sure, the food restrictions can be rough, but simply choosing food that will not be too hard to clean out of your teeth can be a problem also. Well, we have been thinking of you and... Read more »

Treat Your Toothache Quickly

If you have a toothache, it’s important to realize your toothache is a warning sign something is wrong with your oral health and you need to see the dentist. There are many reasons you could have a toothache from a cavity to a cracked or broken tooth. Luckily, toothaches can... Read more »

Unhealthy Dental Habits Could Cost You Your Smile

If you are concerned about achieving a healthy and beautiful smile, our dentist and team offer our services to help you have good oral hygiene and benefit from regular dental checkups. We can help you beware of hazardous substances and activities that would prevent you from having a healthy smile.... Read more »

A Tongue Injury May Need First Aid While Seeking Emergency Care

A slip and fall in the home can sometimes impact the head or face causing you to bite down on your tongue. In some of these instances the soft tissue trauma can be significant, calling for a little basic first aid while seeking emergency treatment. It might help to assess... Read more »

Knowledge Foundation: Diabetes and Your Smile

Are you aware of all the oral health risks in your life? The answer is probably no because there are many. Due to the vast amount of ways that your smile can be damaged, it is a good idea to have a general checklist of risks to protect your mouth... Read more »

A Partial Denture Can Help Replicate Multiple Missing Teeth

When a single tooth is lost to untreated cavities or dental trauma it can limit your basic oral function and lead to other complications. If multiple teeth are lost the impact on your quality of life can be profound. In a case such as this, a dentist might be able... Read more »

Restore a Tooth With a Dental Crown

When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, our dentist may recommend that you receive a dental crown, which is a tooth-shaped restoration placed over the affected tooth to restore its strength, size, shape and appearance. Receiving a dental crown can protect the visible portion of the tooth and keep it... Read more »

The Treatments That Can Help Your Broken Teeth

If you have recently broken a tooth, then our dentists encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment. This is considered a dental emergency, and it’s important to get the tooth treated right away. If you can, bring the pieces of the tooth with you to your appointment.... Read more »

Dental Advice on Dental Bridges

Even if you routinely clean your mouth effectively on a daily basis and maintain a proper diet, your mouth could still suffer poor oral health if you are missing any teeth. This is because your risk for tooth decay can increase as well as the potential for your teeth to... Read more »

Discover Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Did you know that there is an entire branch of dentistry dedicated to enhancing the look of your smile? It is known as cosmetic dentistry and features a wide assortment of treatments and procedures that can drastically enhance the look of your smile. However, just because a treatment is lumped... Read more »