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If you have a toothache, it’s important to realize your toothache is a warning sign something is wrong with your oral health and you need to see the dentist. There are many reasons you could have a toothache from a cavity to a cracked or broken tooth. Luckily, toothaches can be treated by a professional dentist.

Our dentist, Dr. Troy L. Sargent, is a skilled dentist and happy to help you with your toothaches. Additionally, our team at Oquirrh Dental in Magna, Utah, is excited to help you learn more about how to treat your toothache correctly.

Here is a list of tips on toothache treatments for you:

– Clean your mouth and teeth carefully to clear bacteria that could make it worse and help promote healing for your teeth.

– Ice packs can help dull the pain and reduce swelling.

– Avoid any tough to chew on foods, so you do not make a toothache worse or put your teeth in danger of damage.

– Rinse your mouth to clear away bacteria from your teeth and mouth.

– Over-the-counter medications can help treat toothaches and lower the intense or throbbing pain to make it tolerable until you are able to see your dentist.

– Floss your teeth carefully and slowly in case a seed or food particle is causing the issue between your teeth or along your gumline.

– Call your dentist and make an appointment right away, so your dentist can see why you are in pain and fix the issue.

If you are in pain from a toothache, please call us today at 801-250-0668, so we can help you! Our dental team is happy to schedule an appointment for you and discover what could be causing your toothache troubles.