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When a single tooth is lost to untreated cavities or dental trauma it can limit your basic oral function and lead to other complications. If multiple teeth are lost the impact on your quality of life can be profound.

In a case such as this, a dentist might be able to provide you with a custom partial denture. This removable oral appliance is intended to restore the basic function of your missing teeth. This is often a preferred option for patients who have a lack of sufficient bone structure to secure a dental implant supported bridge.

A partial denture is basically a smaller version of a complete denture. It will be produced in a state of the art dental lab to mimic your original teeth. Depending on its size and location the partial denture might also include small oral hardware components. These elements can help secure a tight relationship with the neighboring teeth and the underlying gums.

Many patients with a partial denture also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when they installed the unit each morning. This provides it with some extra secure hold while also helping to block out food particles. Just be sure to rinse away any residual denture adhesive every time you take the partial denture out.

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