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Even if you routinely clean your mouth effectively on a daily basis and maintain a proper diet, your mouth could still suffer poor oral health if you are missing any teeth. This is because your risk for tooth decay can increase as well as the potential for your teeth to move and shift out of alignment. Thus, a tooth replacement will be needed to fill in any gaps between your teeth and complete your smile once more. For this task, consider dental bridges.

To help restore your smile to its natural levels, it is important to make sure that you have all missing teeth accounted for. If there are any missing teeth in your smile, it can lead to further dental damage. No matter if you have had an oral accident or injury that has lead to missing teeth or tooth extraction, your lost teeth will need to be replaced. A healthy smile is a complete smile. If left untreated, it can cause oral ailments in the form of tooth decay due to plaque buildup in the recesses left behind. In addition, it can lead to a sunken in facial structure, a weakened jawbone, tooth slippage, and gum destabilization.

To help restore your smile when you’re missing teeth, consider an effective tooth replacement treatment such as a dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture. They are extremely durable and can provide a lifetime’s worth of support when taken care of correctly. Dental bridges can restore lost functions such as speech impediments and chewing and eating skills that may have been hindered due to missing teeth. In addition, there are no food restrictions necessary, so you can enjoy all the foods you once loved. Also, they are known to help correct bite stability and any issues associated with missing teeth.

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