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If you are one of many patients who see a visit to the dentist as a chore or find the noises of a dental drill uncomfortable, we are pleased to inform you that Oquirrh Dental offers a more convenient method of treatment that doesn’t require drills. With laser dentistry, we can replace the traditional treatment techniques with methods that are more effective, comfortable, and conservative.

Laser dentistry is a treatment option that many patients don’t consider. While it has been in use since the 50s, it has become much more popular in the last decade or so and is especially beneficial for patients who dread visiting the dentist.

You may be surprised to learn that laser dentistry can be used in numerous dental treatments. For example, a powerful dental laser can replace the standard drill that many dentists use to remove tooth decay from a tooth–a practice that really only treats exposed areas of decay. A dental laser is able to remove tooth decay in the middle of a tooth. Other practices include whitening teeth and hardening dental fillings.

One of the greatest benefits of laser dentistry that makes it so popular is its enhanced precision that minimizes its effect on the healthy tissues of your mouth. Conservative laser treatment preserves more of your natural smile and reduces the healing period.

If you would like to learn more about the nature of laser dentistry in Magna, Utah, please don’t hesitate to call 801-250-0668 and schedule a visit with our dentist at Oquirrh Dental, Dr. Troy L. Sargent,  who can help you determine if laser dentistry is right for you.