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Children sometimes develop bad habits like chewing on pencils, biting their nails, or using their teeth to open stubborn packaging. This can significantly increase their chances of suffering a fracture on one of their primary teeth.

When this happens there might not be sufficient tooth enamel remaining for Dr. Troy L. Sargent to repair the tooth with a simple dental filling.

In situations like this we might recommend replacing whatever remains of the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown. Once he has removed the remaining tooth enamel to create an abutment he will create an impression of the area. This will be sent to a dental lab where your child’s dental crown will be created. The specific material used might vary depending on the tooth’s location in your mouth. Most dental crowns are made from either gold, base metals, or a dental porcelain material.

You will need to bring your son or daughter back to our dental office when their dental crown is ready. Once it has been cemented onto the abutment the capped tooth will restore the tooth’s basic function until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge in its place.  

If you live in the Magna, Utah, area and your child has chipped or fractured a tooth, you should call 801-250-0668 to have it examined and treated by the dental specialists at Oquirrh Dental.