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Root canals are necessary tooth restorations designed to take out damaged pulp from teeth in order to save a tooth. Although the pulp is the life source of a tooth, it may be conceivable to increase the lifespan of a tooth with a damaged pulp if the pulp is detached with root canal therapy. Otherwise, the tooth will fail and need to be removed.

The best smiles are possible with root canals. Facts about root canals include:

– Bacteria and harmful acids that pass in through holes in the tooth enamel can damage the pulp of a tooth.

– Endless wear and tear on teeth due to multiple procedures can weaken tooth enamel and expose a tooth, at which point a root canal is needed if the pulp is damaged.

– The outer layer of a tooth is called the tooth enamel, which is a thin layer that helps shelter the inner workings of a tooth. However, the tooth enamel can be damaged, and your root can be exposed to infections and decay, thus prompting the need for a root canal.

– The pulp of a tooth can easily be injured by an oral accident or injury.

Root canals may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral examination at Oquirrh Dental at our dentist office in Magna, Utah, please book an appointment with Dr. Troy L. Sargent and our team by calling 801-250-0668. It’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you.