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Tobacco is a complex plant containing various compounds and chemicals. When you smoke or use chewing tobacco, tar and other chemicals introduced to your mouth can affect your oral tissues in a myriad of ways.

While tobacco use can certainly alter the health of soft tissues, it is also known to cause potent dental stains. As time goes by it can leave you with an unsightly yellow, gray, or light brown smile.

To completely remove tobacco stains from your smile, you will need Dr. Troy L. Sargent to administer a dental bleaching treatment. The professional strength whitening agents he uses are potent enough to completely remove stains from the microscopic surfaces of your tooth enamel.

Before administering the potent whitening agents, Dr. Troy L. Sargent will take measures to protect your gums by installing a soft rubber dam or applying a protective gel. A small amount of the concentrated dental bleach will then be poured into trays that are inserted into your mouth along with a gentle suction wand. They will need to be held in place for a few minutes. The length of the treatment will vary depending on how deeply stained your teeth are.

Afterward, Dr. Troy L. Sargent might also use a special ultraviolet light to brighten any troubled spots and improve the luster of your smile. In the future you will need to take measures to prevent stains from saturating your tooth enamel again. This might include cutting back on certain foods and beverages and considering tobacco cessation.

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