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Are your teeth broken or damaged and in need of a serious dental restoration? Preferably, a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can fix the damage and improve the look of your smile should be used in situations such as this. One such cosmetic dentistry treatment is dental bonding.

Dental bonding treatments can save broken teeth. Dental bonding works by applying a specialized material such as a resin or porcelain directly to your tooth for a durable hold that can last well over a decade. With a dental bonding treatment, you can fix the damage, cover up cracks, and even hide away unsightly stains and discolorations that may hinder your gorgeous smile.

Dental bonding treatments can also be used for cavity prevention and treatment. Cavities occur when your tooth enamel is damaged until a hole has formed in the tooth. If cavities are not corrected, they can end up resulting in a pulp infection and tooth failure. If a tooth fails, it must be extracted and removed.

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